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NZ Police Key Experiences

Kevin was contracted to the NZ Police by Randstad for a period of 13 months, primarily to assist with the role out of the new Police P25 digital trunked radio network in Auckland.  However, Kevin also undertook fault restoration on Automatic Vehicle Location and Mobile Date Terminal equipment in Police vehicles.

Event      Experience Detail
  • Kevin was involved with the installation of Tait P25 TM9100 Trunked radios and associated network and linking equipment at numerous Polilce sites round Auckland.
  • Installtion work included rack installation, battery and DC distribution, equipment installation and set up, pan and tilt of link antenna and sweeping of feeders and antenna.
  • Kevin was also involved with precommissioning testing to confirm eqipment performance and measure desense levels between the new digital service and existing analogue services.
Portable Programming
  • Kevin programmed over 500 Tait TP9100 portable radios and distributed to Police stations.
Coverage Testing
  • Kevin carried out coverage testing of VHF and UHF services round the Auckland region and Waiheke Island
  • Coverage testing included line of site uplink and down link measurements for comparison with calculated signal strengths and drive testing taking measurements from up to four repeater sites simultaneously to compare actual coverage with predicted coverage.