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Kordia Key Events/Projects

Kevin Murphy had nine years with Kordia (formerly BCL) April 2000 - May 2009 when he was made redunant as a result of restructuring and down sizing of their engineering section.

During this time Kevin was primarily involved in Broadcast antenna system design, WiFi installation design and EME analysis. Kevin was also the Digital transmitter lead engineer for Kordia's ditial television roll out.
Event      Experience Description
Broadcast (analogue)
  • Antenna system design, specifying and ordering combiners for new services, production of installation work instructions and sign off of as built documentation.
  • Noteable projects - Coronet Peak antenna redesign for all broadcast and communication services at site, and Hedgehope FM antenna system capacity upgrade - dump load installed for half stack operation.
Broadcast (digital)
  • Digital Terrestrial Television - Lead Engineer Transmitters for NZ DTT roll out. Responsible for production of trasnmitter RFP and RFP response analysis, installation designs and work instructions, engineering support to intall teams, as built documentation sign off, and provision of root cause analysis for transmitter faults in first twelve months operation.
  • DAB SFN Trial Auckland - Responsible for DAB transmitter commissioning, and antenna system designs at Waiatarua and Skytower.
  • Austrlian Maratime Safety Authoriy - Installation design for HF transmitter and receiver sites at Wiluna and Charleville and the Canbera operations centre.
  • Airways NZ HF transmitter and remote control system replacement- Installtion design and project management, site acceptance testing and commissioning of HF transmitters and control system.
  • Studio to Transmitter Link and off air receive path analysis for numerous FM station program sources.
Electromagnetic Emmissions
  • EME analysis and report creation for new service resource consent applications.
  • Auckland Metro Wifi - responsible for site selection, installation design, Access point set up and commissioning, and post install coverage testing.